What a nice title for the first blog post :) Almost as good as “How to start your blog”. Anyway, I faced this problem and want to share the solution with others.

Starting a blog with GitHub Pages and Jekyll is easy, however I found that built-in highlighter(Rouge) has very poor C++ support. You can see how it looks in the nice post by Lewis Baker C++ Coroutines: Understanding the promise type. At most it makes some parts bold and others dark blue(which looks almost black for me). Thus, I looked for another option. There were two candidates: highlight.js and Prism.js. Both do pretty decent job but latter looks slightly better for me.

Here’s how definition of my_promise_type looks now:

struct my_promise_type
  void* operator new(std::size_t size)
    void* ptr = my_custom_allocate(size);
    if (!ptr) throw std::bad_alloc{};
    return ptr;

  void operator delete(void* ptr, std::size_t size)
    my_custom_free(ptr, size);


  1. Disable built-in highlighter in your _config.yml:
             disable : true
  2. Take links to prism.js scripts and themes from cdnjs. You need prism.min.css, prism-line-numbers.min.css, prism-core.min.js, prism-autoloader.min.js(it will download highlighters for languages used on your page on-the-fly), prism-line-numbers.min.js. You can omit prism-line-numbers.* if line numbers aren’t required.

  3. Add each theme to <head> section of your blog like <link href="CSS_LINK" rel="stylesheet" />. Add each script to the bottom of <body> like <script src="SCRIPT_LINK"></script>. You can read how to edit and where to find those files here.

That’s it. If you like me are little crazy about don’t pay for what you don’t use principle, you can set it up only for posts. For this you need to make above steps for post layout. Check my blog repository for an example.

The final tip

The C++ language name in prism.js is cpp, not c++; thus, you should use ```cpp code blocks, not ```c++.